Questions - Answers

When finished, Karting track ?

Karting track is open 7 days a week from 10:00 am., Whether or holiday weekends. Depending on weather conditions and select tires karts.

How develop your karts ?

Our karts are 160 cc for children 6 to 14 years old max. speeds up to 45 km / h. 270 cc and develop a speed ot70 km / h. 390 cc and develop a speed of 85 km / h.

Why should I wear a balaclava and helmet ?

Bonnet necessarily from higiennagledna point. The helmet is something that prevents you from shocks and should be otzatvoren type. In motorsport helmet is an essential element of safety.

Do you have a measuring system ?

Currently we have stakava system, but a matter of time be placed.

Can we compete tonight ?

Yes, we have lighting for night skiing. During the summer evenings working to 23: 00h.

What clothes should you wear ?

You can ride with any clothes, as long as be fastened and not flown back from karting. In winter, we recommend that you wear warm clothes, shoes and gloves. We require shoes to be closed, also provide and overalls for our klinenti.S flip flops and slippers not desirable management karts us!

How old must you be ?

No age limit. We limit height, you must be over 125 cm.

Do you have a safety briefing (briefing) if you first visit your track ?

E, made by our trained staff. Briefing is mandatory before each session or competition without znacheniedali you are an experienced or novice driver. Includes briefing;

management of karting,

behavior of the track

flags and signaling

It is very important that any driver to get correct information.

Can I train kart ?

Yes, every Saturday and Sunday from 11:00 to 12:30 organize training in karting. Without the age restrictions, the only condition is to have over 125 cm. You will get good tips and techniques for riding a kart.

I want to organize a major event tiimbilding ?

Yes, this is something we do. You only need to sesvarzhete us for more information at tel. +359899983889 Or +359876200190 or through our email address: We will prepare an individual offer for your event or teambuilding.

Do you organize events ?

Yes. Organize competitions. To be informed about events organized by us must follow us on FACEBOOK.

I want to organize a child's birthday ?

This is a good choice for hosting birthday of our Carting, the only requirement is that children have a minimum height of 125 cm. You can write to us or call for more information at tel. +359 899983 889 or +359876200190 or through our email address: We will prepare an individual offer for your event.

Should I make a reservation ?

If you are a group of 10 people do not necessarily make a booking. For groups over 10 people it is better to napraviterezervatsiya and may call tel .: +359899983889 or +359,876,200 190. Also good to match that at weekends there is a large workload and is well call for hours.

Should I make a declaration ?

Dear customers, the completion of such declarations is standard practice for all karting tracks in the world. Karting is motorsport and this statement is consistent with the Bulgarian legislation and safety conditions for the operation of the kart.

Do you have a two-karts ?

No, we do not have two-karts, we want our clients to experience the thrill alone of managing our karts and feel the rush of adrenaline.