Karting school

If you are new to this from the Karts, if you want to have fun and learn a lot,

so our classes are right for you.

If quieressentirte as a pilot Formula 1 this is your school.

Adrenaline atope.

To apuntartesolo you need a minimum height of 125 cm.

Workshop 1 hour 51.50 € /

  • 20 minutes from theory | 40 minutes of practice.
  • learning
  • Educational courses.
  • Safe driving.
  • Learning mapped.
  • Unforeseen situation.
  • ending

Finish this course and get your card partner.

* Age from 6 years to 13 years (or 1.25m tall).

* Sunday morning.

* Minimum Group 4 pilots.

* Maximum Group 7 drivers.

To sign only need a minimum height of 125 cm.


Download pdf information

Do not hesitate if you want information, see our event, we invite you to contact us by phone:  +359 879 200 181
E-mail: info@kartingarea-bg.com