The most difficult to manage any institution or company challenge has always been the collective control computer activity.

  For this purpose, psychologists have developed projects teamwork to know how to improve and

facilitate the work in the presence of a large group of people. Assemble a team of characters and personalities is a difficult task without conditions to facilitate collaboration between colleagues

can not achieve good results.

       Teamwork provides these conditions to overcome collective action problems.
        Therefore, throughout Europe are increasingly used for personal recreation of the company to promote teamwork, unite and motivate employees, and therefore stabilize the climate at work and contribute to better outcomes.

        Allow me one question: What do you do to motivate your employees?

If the answer is "nothing", we offer an activity that encourages team spirit and be useful for your company.

        Teamwork is an idea to improve teamwork for companies, organizations or institutions. Allowing a team of professionals is one in a given area to join forces in different emotional situations and to show their unexpected abilities, contributes to the collective activities become more pleasant, friendly and interesting activities. Participation in games that teamwork is the possibility of unique and funny situations in the community that contribute to cohesion and understanding. Trials and competitive nature of teamwork, allows each participant to show your personality to light unprecedented colleagues. All this contributes greatly to a creative activity, to facilitate communication in the team, which is the only factor to the success of the company. But above all, team building is associated with positive emotions and wins.

Race groups, friendsand bachelor parties.

The perfect venue for go karts. We even have group racing packages, 
a meeting room and race track rentals or full facility buyouts available.
We can add creative trophies, unique and exciting game play options to any group event.


  • Michael Schumacher Package
2 batches for 8 minutes career
Only for € 12.50 x 
  • Fernando ALONSO Package
  2 batches for 8 minutes of running.
  with snack, medals and champagne (child)
  Only for € 18.00 x 
* Age from 6 years to 13 years (or 1.25m tall).

* Minimum group 6 drivers.


Do not hesitate if you want information, see our event, we invite you to contact us by phone:  +359 879 200 181